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Monday, December 24, 2012

Feliz Navidad de Ecuador!

Mr & Mrs Wine Guy 

A Facebook friend, wine blogger and master promoter of wine via social media, Dusan Jelic of Serbia, posted the stunning photo below on his website: Wines of the Balkans.  I believe the image was sent from one of his clients.  In any case, I enjoyed the image so much, I decided to seize upon the spirit of the holiday (as well as seizing their photo) and repost the image here.  The fetching Mrs. Wine Guy and I wish for each of you a joyous holiday season.  We have enjoyed a wonderful and most adventuresome year and are excited to be finally settled in our new home in Ecuador.  We have been blessed and that makes this first Christmas in our new land a very special one! For you, our cherished readers,  may your glass be filled with good wine to toast loved ones and friends.  And may this holiday season, as well as the new year to come, be filled with the blessings of life!

Feliz Navidad de Ecuador!

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