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(Note: The Wine Guy is currently undergoing chemotherapy and this blog will be on hiatus for the duration and into a recovery period. The Wine Guy is planning to celebrate his recovery with a trip to the two wine producing regions in Argentina and that should provide for some interesting new blogs. Meanwhile please enjoy the archives and feel free to email in the interim.)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We're taking some time off but will return!

Mr. & Mrs. Wine Guy outside the office of
 Castello Banfi on a previous wine sabbatical.
The ever-fetching Mrs. Wine Guy and I are preparing for some travels.  Our itineraries will take us cross-country to visit friends and family.  It will also take us out of the country to explore some retirement possibilities.  As a result, my computer time will be limited to a portable laptop and wireless access.

This may result in an extended period of sporadic and very brief postings here on Roger’s Grapevine.  But please know that it will be my intent to return to a regular posting schedule as soon as possible.   If you are a feed subscriber, please do not discontinue your subscription due to the lack of regular feeds.  It will be your best way to know when I’ve returned to a regular posting schedule.

Your readership and your support is appreciated.  Please feel free to browse and enjoy the archives during this sabbatical period.  Also, be advised that I will be regularly checking my email  rogerthewineguy@gmail.com.  Your inquires, as always, will be most welcome.  I would also consider posting some of my reader's comments and thoughts on the Grapevine during this sabbatical period in lieu of my wine tales and musings.

Thanks for your support and understanding.  I hope to return to a regular posting schedule by early fall with lots of new wine stories and tales to relate and share.

Until then, be sure to enjoy some good wine.  


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Great Occasion Calls For A Great Wine!

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There are a lot of great family names in wine making and when it comes to great Cabernet Sauvignon, one of California’s best is Heitz.   Joe and Alice Heitz began producing great cabernets back in the early 60’s and Heitz Cellar continues to produces great wines today under the leadership of their kids Kathleen and David with a third generation of the family also becoming active.

Heitz Cellar is best known for its Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and it is, indeed, a great treat if you love and respect well-crafted and superbly aged Cabernet Sauvignon.  Its consistency is one of the reasons Wine Spectator named Heitz Cellar Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon one of the top 12 wines of the 20th Century.

Another great Cabernet from this family winery comes from their Trailside Vineyard.  The Heitz family acquired this vineyard in 1984.  With gently sloping land along Conn Creek, the Heitz family applies their same organic practices here as they do on Martha’s Vineyard.  They also apply the same care and skill in ageing their wine.  It spends 3 ½ years on oak and then additional time in the bottle for release.   The wine is capable of continued ageing and development in your cellar.

I discovered just how well when good friend Jared presented, as a gift, a bottle of 1998 Trailside Vineyard.  It was in a single word, superb.  Well aged, well balanced and with all the nuances and complexity you would expect in a great cabernet.    It was a thoughtful and treasured gift that will be long remembered.

The memory will be enhanced by the fact that I shared the bottle with the ever-fetching Mrs. Wine Guy on the occasion of her completing her final day of work and joining me in retirement. 

A good wine always makes a great occasion extra special.  Here’s hoping each of you gets that opportunity soon.   Salute!