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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dos Hemisferios Wine Update

Being in Ecuador for two months, my last blog dealt with an Ecuadorian winery named Dos Hemisferios. A reader requested that I follow up on more of their wines after I had the opportunity to sample them. The Wine Guy actually hasn't had the opportunity to try their flagship red called Paradoj nor their 100% Chardonnay called Enigma (more on the reasons why in a moment). What I have found, however, is that the winery is also producing a Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend they have labeled Del Morro. This reserva blend is aged in French oak for 6 months and then receives an additional 6 months aging in the bottle before release. The sample I found was a vintage 2008 so there has been some additional shelf/warehouse ageing as well. Although quite drinkable for a near zero latitude wine retailing under $9, I suspect this wine did not benefit from the extra time it spent in the bottle after it left the winery and before it reached my table. That have been due to handling but it may also indicate a little weaker product. It wasn't bad, it was just simply a little bit of letdown after my previous experience with their red blend Bruma. I'll look forward to trying another bottle if I can locate an additional source. It will be interesting to see if the disappointment was due to the handling of the wine before or after its release from the winery.

That might take a little while. Those of you who are here in Ecuador with me are probably aware that the Ministry of Health put a short moratorium on retail liquor sales across the country. It seems some bootleg methyl alcohol has made its way into some branded liquors in Ecuador and has resulted in more than a score of deaths and hospitalizations. Although It appears all of these were a result of hard liquor ingestion, the ban covers all retail establishments and all alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine.

It looks as though the fetching Mrs Wine Guy and I will be heading to one of our favorite cafes for some extra Mochachino fixes over the next few days. Think of us as you enjoy your next glass of wine but never fear, I will get to enjoy some additional wines soon. Salute!

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