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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Special New Year's Toast

We’ve entered a new year!  While most of you spent the recent New Year’s weekend ringing in the new decade and saying goodbye to the old, the fetching Mrs. Wine Guy and I took the occasion to celebrate four decades of married life together. 

We often refer to our annual celebration as “contract renewal”.   Thank goodness the negotiations weren’t all that tough.  I thought it appropriate to include some excerpts from our weekend celebration in tribute to the one who served as my inspiration to pursue an interest in wine.

Being residents of Arizona, we “escaped” the usual New Years crowds with a trip to Tucson.
Our adventure began with a stagecoach ride at the “Old Tucson” movie studios.

                            There were some stops at an old west tavern (note the wine barrel!)

We visited a rustic watering hole (now you understand why I call her the “fetching” Mrs. Wine Guy!)

A glass of wine at the saloon and dance hall led to a photo op with Miss Kitty and the girls…. 

Thank goodness I behaved myself, otherwise I might have been left behind later at the marshal’s office.

We over-nighted at the Hacienda del Sol Resort Ranch, which offered a great sunset view from our patio.

Our celebration dinner was a five-course meal with special wine pairings for each course at the resort’s Grill restaurant.  This chef and the sommelier did an excellent job in planning and it’s one of the reasons this facility is regularly recognized with Awards of Excellence from Wine Spectator.

A little extra touch for dessert was well appreciated as was the reserve Spanish Cava with which we toasted the occasion.

We began our forty-first year together with a breakfast trail ride in the desert.  A tad brisk but what fun!

                                                As the anniversary card I gave her said,

               “On the road of life, it’s not where you go but who you’re with that makes the difference.”

Here's a Wine Guy toast to the one I’ve been fortunate enough to explore the road of life with for forty plus years..  Like a superbly fine wine, age has improved the quality and enjoyment of the experience!

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